Many people will agree that essential oils smell good.  However, the fact that doTERRA essential oils kill germs, microbes, bacteria and viruses is also a key factor in why I believe that these oils can and do work miracles!

dōTERRA therapeutic-grade essential oils are 100 percent pure, natural aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants. They do not contain fillers or artificial ingredients that would dilute their active qualities.
Essential oils can also be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of health conditions. Some essential oils have powerful antioxidant properties while others help support healthy inflammatory response in cells. Many essential oils are generally regarded as being safe for dietary use, but some oils should not be taken internally.

Here is a great link with additional information regarding how doTERRA essential oils can help to fix SOO many health issues (anything from earaches, MRSA, fevers, athelete's foot to the flu!)

Ever since our family has started using doTERRA, we RARELY have to go to the doctor, which feels so empowering!  No more trips to the "Urgent Care" (which is NOT very urgent....)
I always have a remedy at my finger tips!

Here's one example....

This Modern Essentials book is my oil "bible"!  I have about 20 post it notes sticking out of the top.  I am constantly looking up specific oils and their many uses.  Also, the back of the book has an alphabetical listing of every type of ailment that you might have and a variety of oils that can be used to help cure it.  It is a life saver!!!  I don't ever put it away....
Another great resource is the website to the right (link provided).  I love the alphabetical listing of health concerns, the suggested protocols, research, and testimonials.  There is even a search box.  This can be very handy when I am not at home (since believe it or not, I don't actually carry around the Modern Essentials book with me- ha!)
I'm so excited that this month, doTERRA is offering a bottle of Immortelle oil to those customers who place an order that the "points value" is over 200!  I first bought this fabulous oil about 7 months ago and used it religiously on my facial skin.  Two words...LOVE IT!!  It smooths out any imperfections, wrinkles, brown spots, scars...truly a magic oil!!

It not only works wonders...but it smells incredible, too!!

I swear...this stuff is like the fountain of youth!

What makes this oil unique?

  • High quality―CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®essential oils; Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Helichrysum and Rose in a proprietary blend
  • Frankincense has been found to prevent expression and activity of several proteins involved in inflammatory response
  • Helichrysum contains up to 10% diketoes, which are known for their renewing effects. It also contains up to 30% sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, known as calming agents, as well as up to 50% esters
  • Rose is known for its excellent hydrating properties as well as its support of skin’s elasticity
  • Lavender promotes tissue renewal. Famous example―Dr. Gattefosse, a chemist working in cosmetics,was burned during a chemical explosion in his lab in 1910. He treated his burns with pure essential lavender oil and realized a quick recovery without scars
  • Myrrh also contributes to skin’s balanced hydration and supports general tissue repair
The "normal" prices for Immortelle are:

Consultant price: $69.50

Preferred customer: $76.45

Retail customer: $92.67
If you are interested in learning how to get a FREE roll on bottle of Immortelle, then let me know!  Shoot me an email and we can talk!
It is amazing to me that even in adulthood I still have zits.  Yeah, I know I'm not alone.  I'm not complaining.  Just sayin'...thought that issue wouldn't be around anymore.  Probably like you, I have tried a ton of facial washes.  Some leave my skin too dry, then I have to glob on the moisturizer.  Some washes leave my skin oily, and then I feel like I have to use toner to  get rid of all of the left over junk on my face.  My skin is VERY sensitive.  One time, I tried to use a very expensive facial skin care system and had an allergic reaction.  I woke up to puffy, swollen eyes, and hives all over my face.  I looked like I had been in a boxing ring.  Now that's the way to start the day!  Ha! 
I have never really found the right balance. 

Recently, I read a few articles  describing the "Oil Cleansing Method".  Basically, you use oil to wash your face.  My first thoughts were that it sounded ridiculous!  It sounded like a recipe for disaster...that using oil to cleanse my face would cause my face to break out even worse by clogging the pores!  After doing some more research, I decided to try it.  As suggested, I waited about a week for my skin to adjust (and before judging if I liked it or not)...and I LOVE IT!  It's the only way I clean my face now!  Oil cleansing is gentle enough that it doesn't irritate my skin, yet strong enough to get rid of trapped dirt.  I finally feel like my skin is balanced

Here's how I make my facial cleanser...


Coconut Oil

Organic EVOO

doTERRA Essential Oils


In a small mason jar, mix together:

~ 1 1/2 cups organic pressed coconut oil

~ 1 tablespoon organic extra virgin olive oil

~ doTERRA essential oils

**I put 5 drops each of lavender, frankincense, and melaleuca.

Tips & Tricks

~  Turn on your water and let it run so that the temperature is VERY warm!  Not so hot that you are going to burn yourself, but hot enough that you will be "steaming" your face.

~  While you are waiting for the water to heat up, scoop a small amount of the oil facial cleanser into your hands.  Massage the oil mixture all over your face for a couple minutes.  Let the oil soak into your face for about 30 seconds.  Don't worry, this cleanser will remove all of your makeup, including mascara.

~  Place a washcloth under the running, hot water, so that it is completely wet.  Adjust the temperature, if necessary.  Apply the soaked washcloth onto your face and hold it there for 10 - 15 seconds.  The steam aids in pulling out the dirt and toxins. 

~Use the washcloth to rub away the oil cleans, dirt, and makeup from your face.  Rinse the washcloth a couple times and continue to wipe away until all of the oil mixture and dirt is gone.  Dry your face with a dry towel.

**It took about a week for my skin to adjust to this new skin routine.  I wash my face with this oil mixture every night before bedtime.  I like it because it doesn't strip my skin of natural oils and leaves my skin glowing!  My skin feels incredibly soft, not oily!  Another great side's pretty inexpensive!  No more searching for the magic skin care line that costs me an arm and a leg!

Why I chose lavender, frankincense, & melaleuca...


~ heals dry and chapped skin
~ reduces old scars
~ heals rashes, blemishes, & acne
~ rehabilitates skin
~ fights off skin infections
~ tightens & tones skin


~ is helpful for aging skin
~ has a toning affect
~ slows down the appearance of wrinkles
~ assists with lightening scar tissue

~ hydrates cells to relieve dry skin

Melaleuca (tea tree oil):

~ antimicrobial- fights bacteria, fungi, & viruses
~ heals thrush, candida, cold sores, & acne
~ relieves eczema symptoms

Let's face it...we all feel anxiety.  While feeling anxious is normal and happens as part of the body's natural response to stress, that uneasy feeling can overwhelm and paralyze us When I am feeling anxious, I start sweating and my heart rate increases. I am irritable, restless, and have difficulty concentrating.  I am NOT a fun person to be around.  My emotions and fears get the best of me.  Rather than sulking, crying, and burying myself in my bed, I have found three essential oils to help me with these moments. 

Even our two boys, Jacob and Michael, have anxious moments.  Sometimes the littlest thing will set them off....not being able to tie their shoes, a change in our normal routine, arguing over a toy, or the wind blowing wrong. Essential oils have helped ALL of us deal with our anxious moments.

My Top 3 Oils to Help with Anxiety


The first thing Balance does in your system is to coordinate the electro-magnetic energy that flows throughout your body (like the orchestra conductor, it fine tunes all instruments --organs and nerve chains--to work together more smoothly). Balance has a special relationship with the information that runs up and down your spine in that it sings to the energy and nerve chains and brings them into harmony quickly.  


Serenity is an amazing blend that was created to offer deep soothing of mental and emotional states. This oil blend brings deep relaxation and relieves crankiness.  All the essential oils in this mixture are used to help calm and soothe feelings of stress, excitement, and anxiety in order to help the body maintain its natural state of health.

# 3 In Tune

In Tune is proprietary a blend of powerfully renewing, rare essential oils that have calming and mind sharpening benefits.  This blend is formulated to allow us to concentrate on a specific task without becoming distracted, frustrated, or upset.  In Tune calms and sedates the nervous system to such a degree that it could be a huge resource for ADD, ADHD, autism, depression, and stress.
These three oils are "go to" items with our family.  I like to apply Balance to myself before I start my day, just to get everything in synch. I keep a roll on bottle on my nightstand and use it as soon as my alarm sounds.   It smells wonderful!   I like to massage it onto the bottoms of my feet and on the base of my neck.  Serenity is great to apply anytime during the day when anxious moments arise.  It is also the oil that we like to massage on our boys' backs at nighttime to help them fall asleep peacefully. Anytime either one of the boys may be having a "moment" (and by moment I mean a temper tantrum....LOL) rubbing Balance and Serenity onto their necks and back helps to calm them (and myself) down.   In Tune has been extremely effective with our son, Michael, to help calm down his impulsive behavior and keep him focused, relaxed, and calm.  All three of these oils have helped to improve our lives tremendously.  I really can't imagine living one day without them. 
If you are interested in sampling one of these oils or talking with me about how essential oils can help you and your family, let me know!  I'd be happy to give you a sample and talk with you about their life changing benefits. 
This month, I stepped out of "the box" and tried a new doTERRA oil called Purify!  Part of my monthly order usually includes a bottle of On Guard, which we use a lot to fight off infections, kill germs, strengthen our immune system, and disinfect surfaces (read more about On Guard HERE)   Although I LOVE On Guard, I had the urge to expand my oil usage and try a new oil that I had heard wonderful things about! 
Purify oil blend includes:

antiseptic, antiviral, air disinfectant, water purifier promotes healing & purification

antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic

antimicoribial, antiseptic, helps with cuts & infections


antiseptic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, deodorizing, insecticidal, sanitizing

balances heart function, detoxifies blood, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, immune stimulant


relaxing, uplifting, refreshing, helps with memory

My favorite ways to use Purify essential oil...

This blend is great for air purification when diffused!

Spa Vapor Essential Oil Diffuser

~Creates a soothing vapor mist and a sweet, refreshing scent
~Creates ultra sonic vibration that releases oxygenating molecules into the air

~Freshens and improves the quality of air bykilling bacteria and reducing fungus and mold
~Can be used anywhere- office, bedroom, family room, classroom!

A great way to freshen and deodorize the air and surfaces!

All Purpose Spray
1.  Add 5 - 10 drops of Purify essential oil to the glass spray bottle (the amount of drops you add will depend on the size of the bottle you use and how strong you would like the scent to be). 
2.  Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water.
3.  Screw the nozzle top onto the spray bottle and shake to combine the liquids.

Spray away!

You can also use this spray to disinfect your couch, pillows, blankets, mattress, rugs...anything!

I like to purchase my glass spray bottles through Aroma Tools (link HERE).
  I usually get a pack of 6 and they come in a variety of sizes. 

Freshen and deodorize your laundry!

~Add 2 - 3 drops into your washing machine when you are doing laundry and your clothes will come out smelling positively fresh!  Even the toughest smelling dirty socks will come out smelling better than ever!  Not only will your laundry smell good, but the essential oils will kill germs, microbes, and all other nasty critters. 

I have only had this essential oil for less than a week and am enjoying the sweet, crisp smell!  It is a nice alternative to some of the other cleansing oils created by doTERRA.  What ways have you used Purify? 
Please share any other tips or ideas that you have!

Resources and additional information:

Frankincense is one of the most versatile oils that we use in our house!  It is a great stress reliever and brings about a sense of calm.  We use this oil to relieve headaches, reduce asthma symptoms, and lessen scarringI use it on my face and around my eyes for its anti-aging properties.  Although this oil is a little on the pricey side, once  I experienced the miraculous benefits, I was convinced that it worth the money!

If I had to choose one "go to" essential oil to rely on...
this would be it!

There are so many uses for Frankincense, so please know that this is just a short summary of the ways that we utilize this wonderful essential oil with our family.  I have included several links and resources to other websites at the end of this post describing additional benefits that might be of interest to you.

Skin Conditions

~Fine lines and wrinkles.  Blend equal parts of frankincense, lavender, and fractionated coconut oil in a roll on bottle and apply lightly around the eyes and facial/cheek bones after washing your face.  (Be sure not to get the oils in your eyes, as this will burn!)
~Beautiful skin- Apply a dab (undiluted) to get rid of acne or breakouts.
~Cares for cuts- Apply a small amount (undiluted) to a wound or cut to stop bleeding and reduce scaring.
~Relieves bug bites- Rub onto rashes or bites to get rid of the itchiness (also works well when blended with lavender)

Physical Benefits

~Back relief- Massage (undiluted) along the spine and at the base to relieve back discomfort and pain.
~Cough comfort- Apply onto the neck and throat during the onset of a sore throat or cough.
~Jaw issues- Mix with Deep Blue oil and massage onto the jaws, temples, and at the base of the head for jaw tension and headaches.
~Headaches- Drop one drop of oil onto the pad of your thumb and press onto the roof of your mouth for 3 to 4 seconds to get rid of headaches.
~Joint or muscle pain - Mix with Deep Blue or Marjoram and massage onto the joints (ie. knees, shoulders, elbows, etc.)

~Asthma or any respiratory issues- Mix with Breathe and apply to the chest, neck and back to open up the airways and alleviate congestion. 

Emotional Health

~Mood balancer- Apply to the neck or diffuse to enhance your mood, bring harmony, and relieve depression.
~Home sweet home- Diffuse throughout the home to create an uplifting mood and a sense of calm
~Stress relief- Apply to the temples to relieve tension and stress.

Take a look at this short video explaining the science, history, and benefits of Frankincense essential oil.

Recently, I started a new morning routine!  I'm at the point now that my body actually craves it!  In the morning, before having coffee or breakfast, I drink a cup of warm water with 3 - 4 drops of lemon essential oil.  Ingesting lemon essential oil helps to detoxify the body and get rid of any harmful chemicals that are in the body. Harmful chemicals accumulate and are unable to be broken down by the body.  However, doTERRA lemon essential oil does the trick!

If you are like me and want to see some proof of how citrus oils can break apart petrochemicals, try this....Take a styrofoam cup (which is made mostly of petrochemicals) and put a drop or two of a citrus oil on it.  Pretty soon,  the oil eats its way through the styrofoam and you have a hole in your cup.  This is exactly what the citrus oil will do to the petrochemicals in your body (and don’t worry, these oils only break apart synthetic compounds, so it won’t hurt you at all, it will just help by breaking down the compounds that really don’t belong in your body).

Additional benefits of drinking lemon essential oil and water:

~counteracts acidity in the digestive tract

~works as a natural antihistamine (great for allergies!)

~relieves bloating, water retention, and stomach aches

~fights off a sore throat, bronchitis, cold, fever, and flu

~stimulates white blood cell production, enhancing immunity to infections

~relieves constipation

~tones the heart, kidneys, liver, and pancreas

In addition to having a cup of warm water and lemon essential oil in the morning, I also try to drink some throughout the day.  I normally make a good effort to drink water throughout the day, especially since we live in the desert and it is so hot outside.  Now, instead of drinking water out of a plastic bottle, I use a refillable glass bottle and add a few lemon drops to it!  It is refreshing and is good for my body.

**Be sure to use a glass or steel bottle if you are going to try this, as the lemon essential oils have compounds in them that will dissolve petroleum products (such as a plastic water bottle). 
**Not all essential oils are safe to ingest, so be sure that the essential oils you are using are 100% pure, certified, therapeutic grade, with no additives.  doTERRA oils are safe to ingest, but others may be unsafe. 

I found this handy dandy chart that outlines the many uses of essential oils.  It is a great reference chart that can help identify which essential oils are useful for certain health and wellness concerns.  Check it out!

Using Doterra essential oils is a safe, natural, alternative way to help you, your family, and loved ones lead a better life without all of the side effects of other medicine.  If you are interested in trying any of these oils, let me know.  I'm happy to give you a sample so you can try them and see their benefits!
The oil blend, Balance, created by doTERRA, is one of my new favorite oils!!  At first, I didn't pay much attention to this oil blend...but now, I can't go a day without using it!  In fact, our family goes through this oil more than any other oil that we own!  This "grounding" blend is a mood, energy, and body systems enhancer!

Morning Routine

As soon as my alarm sounds, I massage this oil onto the bottoms of my feet, my temples, and the back of my neck.  It helps to get my day started off right  through it's ability to heal emotional and physical ailments.  Balance helps relieve tension and helps to alleviate any headaches I get from grinding/clenching my jaw at night.

Mid-day (anytime) Routine

I carry a roll on bottle filled with Balance and fractionated coconut oil in my purse at all times.  Throughout the day, when I am feeling tired, worn out, or just in a slump, I reapply the oil!  I put it on my neck, forehead, inside of my wrists, and I rub the oil between my hands and take a big sniff!  It's a great natural way to get a little mid-day boost!

Here's the scientific proof.  This video shows a before and after blood sample of blood cells when doTERRA Balance oil is applied to the bottom of feet. Notice how before, the blood cells are all clumped together, not moving very swiftly...then after Balance is applied, they are alive and moving!!! 
Balance oxygenates your blood cells!!

Not only is Balance great for me...but it helps my two boys!!!  Balance has been shown to assist with multiple issues such as: ADD, ADHD, autism, post traumatic stress, hyperactive behavior, insomnia, temper tantrums, night terrors, fetal alcohol syndrome, and much more!  There are many mothers out there who swear that applying Balance to their child(ren) has helped them with their behavioral, emotional, and academic growth!  
What more could a mother want!?
Using Balance is a natural way to help ease your child of any behavioral, emotional, social, or physical issue that he/she has.  One of my very good friends recently tried using Balance with her middle school-aged son and has seen an absolute turn around with his behavior.  Before, his behavior was so severe, that she was unable to work because of the constant phone calls that she was getting from the school.  Since they have started using Balance, not only has his behavior improved, but he feels better about himself and he feels empowered!

How to use Balance with children

~Diffuse at any time  to calm and soothe the nerves

~Diffuse in the morning to start the day of right and bring a focused, centered demeanor

~Diffuse at nighttime to induce a relaxed, calm state of mind for a restful night of sleep

Create a roll on bottle of Balance & fractionated coconut oil:

~Roll onto the inside of the wrists, forehead, base of the neck, and along the spine

~Apply to the bottoms of the feet and massage

~Massage onto the lower back and at the top of the spinal cord

~Use a personal diffuser that absorbs the essential oil so that the essential oil is inhaled throughout the day

~Simply place 1 - 2 drops of Balance oil onto the diffuser in order to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits

Balance has truly been a remarkable life-saver in our life.  The people I know that have tried using Balance can not stop talking about how their lives have been changed for the better since integrating this oil blend into their daily routine.  If you are interested in trying this oil, please send me a message, and I'd be happy to give you a sample to try.
I just know it can and will make a difference.  


Who knows if the cause is seasonal allergies, dust, dander, the onset of a cold, or because we live in such a dry climate...but sinus congestion is a continual issue around this household.  Waking up with the nasal cavities inflamed and swollen does NOT feel good.  Life becomes a little more challenging when we can't breathe clearly. 

We have tried multiple ways to help alleviate this "stuffiness"....including using saline nasal spray, diffusing Breathe essential oils, and using various oils to help with allergy symptoms.  See this previous blog post to read about ways to relieve allergy symptoms.  My husband, Chris, even swears by using those nasal strips that help broaden the nasal cavities.  However, the nasal strips are only temporary and don't last after removed. 

All of the things we tried helped a little bit, but the issue did not clear up completely...until now! 

The solution = Eucalyptus Essential Oil!

It's quite simple.  We apply eucalyptus oil to the outside of the nostrils.  Yep, that's it!  This oil has the incredible ability to discharge any mucus from the respiratory tract, including the nasal cavities.  This powerful essential oil will treat sinus infections, bronchitis, and any cold symptoms. 

What we do....

~Get yourself a little roll on bottle.    
      (Aroma tools is a great website to use- link HERE.)

~Fill up the roll on bottle with eucalyptus oil and fractionated coconut oil.

(We only use doTERRA for our essential oils and fractionated coconut oil, which can be purchased HERE.)

~Apply as needed!

If you or anyone you know suffers from this type of sinus problem, give it a try!  It's inexpensive, effective, and easy to use!  I actually got a text message from Chris the other day that said, "Thank goodness for eucalyptus oil!"  Ha!